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Here’s Christina Lynn.

Christina Lynn is a divorce financial expert who works to provide clarity and strategy to the financial aspects of divorce. Her own difficult divorce experience inspired her to pursue a career in which she could help individuals navigate divorce finances in a more efficient and strategic manner than she herself experienced. Prior to divorce, a stay-at-home mom. Post-divorce, a highly educated and credentialed financial expert available for your divorce team. Her qualifications include:

My Mission

Christina’s mission is to empower individuals dealing with divorce to be confident in handling the financial negotiations. Don’t depend on nondivorce financial experts to help you through the financial negotiations. There is too much on the line, as divorce is the largest financial change of your life. How a property settlement is structured has major implications, and is so nuanced that it requires specialized help. Christina’s personal experience, professional training, and education are invaluable to help you make the best financial decisions possible in your divorce process.
-Certified Financial Planner:registered:
-Certified Divorce Financial Analyst:registered:
-Accredited Financial Counselor:registered:
-Certified Estate Planner:registered:
-Master’s degree in family financial planning
-Currently working towards a Ph.D. in personal financial planning

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Divorce Financial Consultation


Meeting type:
phone or zoom

Who would benefit from a divorce financial consultation?


You have not begun the divorce process and want to know how to be prepared for the financial aspect of the divorce.


You are prepping for mediation and want to know what you should bring or know going into mediation regarding the marital finances.


You have begun the divorce process but are curious about what divorce financial expert would say regarding the divorce property settlement and support amount or duration.


You are thinking about getting divorced, and are overwhelmed with money concerns.


You are divorced already and wondering what are the next steps to recover from divorce and set yourself up for financial success post-divorce.

In the initial consultation, I want to hear about your situation, and what you need help with.   I will be able to offer you valuable advice from a divorce financial perspective within the first hour. I will also explain how I recommend to proceed in your unique situation.  In some cases, people just need a few tips that I can give in the initial consultation.

Please come prepared to the consultation with a list of your main concerns and priorities. While it is helpful to have access to financial information at this point, it is not necessary to have details prepared for the initial consultation.

Divorce Financial Analysis Reports

$1,250 one time fee  

$135/month for 12 months
Meeting type:
phone or zoom

In certain divorce cases, it makes sense to obtain formal divorce financial analysis reports. When would this be helpful?


If you are wondering: what’s my “bottom line” in negotiations?  What’s the minimum I should agree to?


If you are unsure whether you are missing something in regards to the assets and debts being split.  Is it indeed fair or is there something you am not aware of?


If you question whether the proposed arrangement is enough to pay your monthly expenses and provide for your financial future post-divorce?  Will you be able to make it on your own post-divorce if you agree to this property settlement or support amount?


If you think your divorce case may escalate to court and want a financial expert to provide evidence and/or testify as an expert witness.


If you are attempting to settle the divorce amicably but quietly want to obtain the assurance that the financial arrangement being considered is indeed fair.


If your spouse is being difficult and won’t listen to reason regarding the finances (e.g. a narcissist or has a vindictive attitude).


If you or your spouse own a small business.


If you have a high net worth or your assets/debts are complicated.


If divorce negotiations are tense and you need a fiduciary to provide neutral, expert advice and summaries of the financials.



Discovery Call meeting


Discovery Financial Analysis Report presentation meeting (zoom is preferred for this meeting)


Soft Copy of the Divorce Financial Analysis report


Includes one update to the reports.

Expect to provide financial data via online software and pertinent financial statements.

Requires signature of divorce financial analysis agreement and attorney communication permission form. 

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